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In uncertain times,
narrow your risks.

Go where opportunities are,
with trusted support.

We understand market growth.

Targeting or expanding into new export markets is difficult. There are not enough resources for investing on expansion into markets that may take some time to penetrate. Many companies, especially SMEs face difficulties such as:

  • Not enough local knowledge to design the right strategy
  • Difficult legal requirements that increase the costs of doing business
  • Cultural barriers that hinder progress or expansion
  • Lack of accurate market intelligence for identifying opportunities on time
  • Limited resources at the company for giving all the necessary follow-up.

Many companies in the DR market or attempting to enter the market have experienced some of these difficulties. However, the Dominican Republic is a market of over 10 million consumers, and more than 6 million tourists, that grew 6.6% in 2016, and it is expected, according to the World Bank, IDB and ECLAC’s report, to register similar growth in 2017. This market imports all kinds of goods and services from all over the world, despite local production.

After working with over 200 companies from 14 countries in the DR market, NEX has prepared a unique set of services that will allow companies to get to know, monitor, enter and grow their presence in the DR market. DRmarketexpert offers different packages that include information, support and knowledge for any type of company to follow up and design their strategy in the market.


Who need these services?


Companies wanting to enter the DR Market

Companies exploring DR market as a possibility

Companies that are currently selling in the market, but are not happy with their market share

Companies successful in the market, who want to have a cost-effective service to deal with the market


Companies that have visited, but are not yet in the market

Companies looking for investment opportunities

Companies who want to monitor the competition and stay ahead of development and trend

Companies with low performance representatives and distributors

We have the right plan for you!

Because every company’s needs are different, we offer several types of services, all for a small amount equal to a casual business lunch. Depending on which package you choose, this is what you’ll be getting:

A business news brief that includes a summary of the most important news, on economics, politics (with impacts on Economy, like elections), Trade, and Sectoral news (new projects, companies, etc). When there are new developments that merit immediate attention, there will be news flash.

A monthly webinar with an expert (customs, IP, legal, product registration, marketing, distributors, etc)

During these webinars, companies will be able to ask questions to the expert (this alone justifies the subscription value)

Access to all webinars to watch anytime you need to refresh information

A market monitoring report that will keep you informed on the products and pricing in the market, as well as new products. The monitoring will cover key retail locations in the product category that the subscriber chooses. (this alone has an estimated value of US$1000)

Up to 10 individual private consultations per year with our experts on different topics. (each consultation has minimum value of US$350. So, this alone has a value of US$3,500).

IP Alert: we will check monthly any brand registration on DR and alert you on any possible threat to your registered Brand.


  • Business news brief
  • Monthly expert webinar
  • Consultation with expert during webinar
  • Access to past webinars
  • 10 expert consultations per year
  • IP Alert
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  • Business news brief
  • Monthly expert webinar
  • Consultation with expert during webinar
  • Access to past webinars
  • Market Monitoring Report
  • 10 expert consultations per year
  • IP Alert
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We got you covered.

We are truly confident of the quality of the information, services and supports provided by DRmarketexpert. So much that you will receive 30 days to check our products and try our services. If, for whatever reason, you feel you are not receiving an accurate, timely and good, actionable information on the DR market, you can cancel your membership, no question asked.